Fish And Chips
In Coopernook

Fresh Caught Fish— Fresh Oysters & Seafood In Coopernook, NSW

When you’re craving a well-cooked meal made fast

You can’t go past the fish and chips at Stone’s Oysters. Based in Coopernook, we provide quick, delicious take away food – cooked fresh upon request. Come to our shop and choose from a wide selection of fresh fish, squid and prawn cutlets, crumbed and battered to order.

We take great pride in providing fresh food, with no pre-cooked options. Whether you want to take your food home or eat at our shop – the choice is yours. You can enjoy the atmosphere of Stone’s Oysters, we have chairs set up out the front! We also offer coffee, cakes and other drinks, with friendly, old-fashioned service for every customer.

To order fish and chips, call our team today!

Frequently Asked Questions


How long will it take me to prepare a fish and chips meal at home?

Once the necessary ingredients have been purchased, it shouldn’t take more than 30-45 minutes to prepare fish and chips. At Stone’s Oysters, we can do the cooking for you, and prepare a fresh portion of fish and chips for you to enjoy on the spot.

What fish should I use when making fish and chips?

That largely depends on your preference. Flathead, snapper and flake are all popular choices. It’s important to ensure that the fish you use is fresh and comes from a reliable supplier.

How can I avoid drying out the fish when cooking it?

The best way to avoid drying out your fish is to ensure that you are cooking it with the appropriate heat. If the heat is too low, it can cause the cooking process to take too long, which dries out the fish by the time everything is fully cooked.