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Fine Quality Fresh Oysters

Are you in the mood to enjoy a selection of delicious oysters? Stone’s Oysters retail seafood outlet in Coopernook has been serving customers with fresh and tasty oysters for decades. Our oysters are so good that businesses, cafes and restaurants in NSW and Queensland also order our produce to receive quality wholesale oysters directly from us to provide to their customers.

We have two farms – Wallis Lake and Manning River – and take pride in ensuring that the oysters we cultivate are of the finest quality. Our oysters come in two different sizes – bistro and cocktail. Out team sells the oysters directly from the leases in our shop. We open oysters daily to ensure maximum freshness and quality for our customers. Feel free to visit us to see the quality of our products for yourself. You can also send a message or give us a call if you have any questions or want to place a custom order.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do the oysters come from the river you are based on or the farm on Wallis Lake?

In the winter, they come through the Manning River Farm. During the summer, oysters come through the Wallis Lake Farm.

Should I purchase opened or unopened oysters?

If you don’t plan to eat them right away, it is better to purchase unopened oysters. You can store them in a cool, shady spot for 5-7 days, but try to eat them as soon as possible to ensure freshness. During refrigerator storage, the temperature should be 2-4C. Please note that oysters might absorb flavours from other items, such as onions or rockmelons.