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Seafood Supplier — Fresh Oysters & Seafood In Coopernook, NSW

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Stone’s Oysters is a family-owned and operated oyster farmer and supplier and seafood retail outlet in Coopernook. The business started 30 years ago, originating with parents and their twin sons who left school and entered the oyster business after purchasing oyster leases together. Today, the family members are proud to have two farms – Wallis Lake Farm and Manning River Farm.

We’re proud to have serviced the Coopernook area for 16 years. As well as servicing surrounding areas including Taree and Harrington, we also supply wholesale oysters to restaurants and cafes throughout NSW and Queensland. As well as selling oysters that we grow ourselves on the farms, we are also a retail outlet for seafood and fish and chips.
We take pride in providing high quality, fresh produce and can also customise seafood platters to suit your requirements for everything from a family dinner through to events and seafood platters for corporate catering.

Why Should You Choose Us?

If you are thinking about visiting Stone’s Oysters, here is what you can expect:
  • Fresh and high-quality oysters, always. Not only do we grow the oysters ourselves, but we also wash and open them daily for our customers. That way, we ensure oyster freshness and deliciousness.
  • Reliable sources – apart from acquiring oysters from our farm, we get quality fresh fish and seafood from reliable and reputable wholesalers in Queensland as well as local fishermen in Laurenton and Coopernook.
  • Available in different sizes – you can pick Sydney Rock oysters in cocktail and bistro size. We can also customise a seafood platter based on your preferences.
  • Wharf building services – we have years of experience in building wharves and can help build or repair yours.
  • Honest and reasonable pricing – you’re sure to love our delicious oysters and seafood.
Prawns — Fresh Oysters & Seafood In Coopernook, NSW
Seafood Platters — Fresh Oysters & Seafood In Coopernook, NSW

Enjoy Our Food Your Way

At Stone’s Oysters, you can choose between having your fish and chips made by us - ready for you to eat. Or, you can take fresh oysters and seafood home to prepare your seafood yourself. We can also provide seafood platters that meet your budget, for you to collect. Over the years, many of our customers have become regulars, which is a testament to the quality of the produce we supply.

Visit us today to find out what makes us special, firsthand. Or, give us a call to find out more about how we can assist you with your oyster and seafood needs.